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 DA:O Soundtrack - Fereldan at War

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PostSubject: DA:O Soundtrack - Fereldan at War   Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:27 am


0:00 - 0:10: Three men, dressed in light armor with overlapping ranger cloaks for quick movements, - clearly scouts - are seen from an overhead camera view. They are in the middle of a village street. The surroundings of the street are in ruins from recent destruction. It seems to have been completely destroyed and ravaged by an army of dark forces, judging on what was left behind. ~Fade out slowly to Black Screen~

0:11 - 0:18: ~Fade in slowly from Black Screen~ The camera is now in front of them. As they walk by it the camera pans to the left slowly showing the central courtyard. Bodies and rubble are scattered all around. The central statue is missing several limbs and has been viciously desecrated. ~Fade out slowly to Black Screen~

0:19 - 0:27: ~Fade in slowly from Black Screen~ The camera notices the men walking along the road towards the camera but immediately pans to the right, to show a ditch full of bodies as the men's shadows glide over them. ~Fade out slowly to Black Screen~

0:28 - 0:34: ~Fade in slowly from Black Screen~ The men walk past the camera as it follows them. It stops as it notices several villagers that have been hanged in tree that is black from burns. The camera slowly zooms in on them. ~Fade out slowly to Black Screen~

0:35 - 0:43: ~Fade in slowly from Black Screen~ The men stop and take notice of a large pile of smoking bodies, with pikes that bear severed heads surrounding it in a ritual form. A ruined church is on the other side of the pile. One man turns his head in almost unbearable disgust. The one to his left - with a remarkable resemblance to him, only younger - places a hand on the first man's shoulder. At the same time this is happening, the last man places his right hand gently on his chest and bows his head in respect for the fallen.

0:44: Several footsteps can be heard further down the road, cutting their concentration abruptly as they all look in that direction.

0:45 - 1:10: They quickly scurry silently to a spot where they would remain unseen. Several dark, tainted, thralls of the enemy - about 6 or 7 - enter the camera's view. These are no scouts of the enemy, but foot soldiers that are part of the bulk of their army. That means that their army is nearby, but the three men already knew that. Their mission is a simple one, but highly dangerous. The thralls begin to feast on the flesh of the bodies on the pile. A few of them split apart from the rest and make their way to an area closer to the men who are watching patiently. The second man, youngest of the three, takes his bow off his back and an arrow from his quiver. He silently nocks the arrow into place.

1:11 - 1:22: Slowly raises his bow to get a fix on his target. The one in the center of them all will stir them to fanaticism very quickly. It makes him the perfect target. He pulls back on the bow string for maximum power and accuracy. Calls up his Magesight to see where the thrall's head will be when his arrow reaches him.

1:23 - 1:25: Lets the arrow fly. It makes a perfect path that impales the thrall in the side of the head. It falls to the ground limp, obviously dead. The man quickly returns the bow to his back and all three begin to quietly leave, listening to the thralls look around frantically for where the arrow came from.

1:26 - 1:30: They make their way down the road, using the buildings as cover. They duck just in time as a few thralls - who clearly heard the commotion - are racing down the same road. The sounds from the pile of bodies grows as more and more arrive there.

1:31 - 1:33: They start to move again, trying to move faster to get as far as they can before the second phase of the plan.

1:34: An arrow of black and tainted make flies over the second man, who ducked long before it reached him. The three pause and look at each other for just a second, all understanding that the plan is now in full motion and there is no turning back now.

1:35: First Man: LET'S MOVE!!

1: 36 - 1:54: The three men sprint away as fast as they can possibly go. A war horn can be heard blowing loudly, along with the sound of war drums and the escalating screeches and war calls of the Horde behind them. They make their way out of the village and proceed towards an open plain that is flanked a hill that seems to span a lot of the horizon in view. The ground rumbles with the force of the moving army on their tails. The air filled with the unnerving noise.

1:55 - 2:20: The third man dares to look behind him. He sees the mass of the Horde that follows. It's number must reach to over 10,000 from first glance. They run and run to make it to the base of the hill, all incoming arrows seeming to redirect around them, as if hitting a Ward. The dark army is gaining on them however, but they are almost there.

2:21 - 2:25: The three men abruptly stop in their tracks, and turn around, drawing their swords. The first man seems to extend a shield that is attached to his left arm. They wait for the Horde to get just a little closer.

2:26 - 2:28: The first man nods, and suddenly all the distraction wards fall at once, revealing the three men are backed by a great Silver Dragon and an army of thousands that surround their enemy on three fronts, each with a Dragon Bond at the lead. Archers with their bows already nocked and ready cover the hill completely. The three men were in fact Generals Westorlas, Talthorn, and Zantos, clearly luring the army out of their well defended camp into this ambush on open ground. The dark army has stopped in their tracks and gone completely silent, realizing what they have walked into. Westorlas raises his blade into the air and lets out great war call, breaking the silence, and charging forward.

2:29 - 2:51: The rest of the army joins in and charges forth right behind him, dragons kicking into the air and causing havoc in the enemy ranks. The dark army, seeing as it is their nature, charges the allied forces to do as much damage as they can before they fall. The battle becomes joined with the clashes of steel against steel and spells against flesh filling the air.

2:52 - 2:58: Westorlas spins and bashes an enemy with his shield, sending it flying backwards a couple feet then striking at the camera with his sword, bringing it to an instant black screen.


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DA:O Soundtrack - Fereldan at War
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