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 Supreme Commander - The Final Act Beings

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PostSubject: Supreme Commander - The Final Act Beings   Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:48 pm

0:00-0:25-the camera fades in from black in a castle. about four white pillars are in view standing high about 15 feet holding a roof up. the room is well lit with large windows and torches. a man in blue and steel armour and a white cape aproches to large doors as high as the pillars at the end of the short hall way.

0:25-0:31-the camera angle is now at eye level behind the man staring at the doors. the man opens the large doors. a burst of bright blinding light shines at the camera and then adjusts to the light reavelling a large domed shaped room with pillars aorund the border of the walls. the whole room is filled with light and is almost all painted white. at the very back of the room in the middle there is a throne about 10 feet off the ground. a man could get on and off of this throne using stairs attatched to the throne. sitting on the throne is an old man with a crown, a beard and a red cape. the man walks in.

0:32-0:35-the man approches the king, puts his head down and kneels. "my lord" the man says.

0:36-0:52-"rise" the king says. "you know better than to bow to your fathers best friend. to me i am not aking. i am a friend. an old friend. now what brings you here? Argal, son of my dearest friend, Soram."

0:53-1:12-"my lord, the undead army is approching our kingdom. they come in thousands, hundreds of thousands. they have already destroyed every thing in there path. including your brothers house. no word on his survival yet."

1:13-1:15-the king rises and stands up from his throne."how can this be? i thought the undead were our allies. it appears things have changed alot in this world. such a pity about my borther. oh well... didnt have much love for him any ways."

1:16-1:19-"they also are targeting the elven city after they lay wast to ours." Argal adds.

1:20-1:24-"Argal, set up a deffence all around the castle. i want your finest men up front." the king orderd.

1:25-1:30-"i do not think it will be enough. how about we send some one to travel to the elven citys to bring in aid?"

1:31-1:34-"my lord." a small boy about 17, probebly a servant of the king, walks foward from behind the throne and says. "i would be honerd to travel and spread word to our allies for you, my lord."

1:34-1:35-"and so you shall" the king says.

1:35-1:39-the servant rushes out of the room to spread word to the elves.

1:40-1:45-"i dont know if it will be enough my lord. they are so many of them. i dont know if the elves will make it in time to our kingdom."

1:46-1:50-"they wont. thats why i am trusting you to hold the defense untill they arrives, Argal."

1:51-1:56-"i dont know if i can. I, alone?"

1:57-2:12-"ah... buy you are Argal. son of Soram. the greatest hero of our time. being his son. you can do anything. that includes holding your line untill the elven troops get here."

2:13-2:20-"i shall my lord. ill be sure to decapitate some undead for you my lord.

2:21-2:30-"ah... i shall be going with you. you think im going to stay and hide while my people die. no... i will take a stand with you."

2:31-2:38-the king continues on. "the undead are relentless and ruthless. alot of lives will be lost. people mgiht die, no, good people will die if we do not put a stop to this."

2:39-2:57-"we have had troubling times in the past. a lot of lives have died from the orc's in the past. but your father and us triumpht. and now the undead dare to step foot on human and elven soil. well i say no. i say NO. it is time to take a stand against evil and destroy it, what ever the cost. the undead will will destroy any thing in there path, killing any one who stands against them. alot of lives will be lost but i am confedent in your ability to stop this invasion. and i will stand at your side all the way. son of my friend. son of Soram."

2:58-3:01- the camera fades into blackness.
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Supreme Commander - The Final Act Beings
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