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 Rise of Legends: Doge's Theme

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PostSubject: Rise of Legends: Doge's Theme   Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:51 pm

0:00-0:16 the camera angle is facing downwards and is moving forward fast, watching as the rocky grass terrian speeds past.

0:17-1:00 the camera looks up and a black castle is in view. it is a long distance away. the camera moves towards the castle but slowly. streams of black smoke fill the sky around the castle inclosed in blue sky and green rocky mountains. on the surface looks like little men in armour marching out towards the castle. hundreds, hrundreds of thousands of them, all marching in unison.

1:00-1:07 the camera moves in on the castle through a window. the camera view is now in a long hallway light by tiny windows and torches. no one is in the hall way except for two guards in armour,standing infront of two large doors. then foot steps from behind the camera are heard.

1:07-1:15 a man in black armour, black helmet and a black cape walks past the camera towards the two guards and the door.

1:15-1:20 as the man in black approaches the guards and the doors, the guards stand at attention. "commander" one of them says. "commander" the other one says nodding to the man in black. the man in black opens the doors which leads to a small room lit by torches. he stops half way and turns around and stands there with his arms behind his back.

1:20-1:25 the room begins to lift off the floor. as the man dissapears, the guards close the doors and stand at attention again.

1:25-1:35 another hall way in view and the room that the man in black had left off in rises and stops. he walks out marching down another hall way.

1:35-1:40 the man in black reaches a stone patio where another man in black armour, black helmet and a black cape ,much bigger, waits for him. "your armie awaits you commander." the tall man says. "thank you my lord. i shall not fail you." the other smaller man says.

1:40-1:44 the commander looks down below the stone patio and raises his hand high in the air.

1:44-2:00 the camera looks over the patio and takes off it like a bird. the camera view looks down and is about 5 storys high off the ground. at the bottom of the surface are hords of undead soldiers, the soldires in the begining of the intro, are all lined up in formation. they all have there arms raised in the air, yelling and cheering and battle crys towards the commander.

2:00-2:05 the taller man in black stares at the commander. "well... give them an order." he says to the commander in impatience.

2:05-2:32 the commander gives a speach to to his soldiers "Today! We fight to get our homes back! Your homes! The homes that the elves and humans have taken from us! We march towards the hunam and elven city's. We march at sundown to reclaim our lost homes! Our rightful place as rulers of the land! Of the world! Destroy any villages in your path!"
2:32-2:34 the camera zooms in on the commanders face hidden by the helmet. the commander pauses and finishes with "Leave no survivors"

2:34-2:40 the camera fades away into black still staring at the commanders hidden face.

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Rise of Legends: Doge's Theme
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