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 New Tail - How to Train your Dragon

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PostSubject: New Tail - How to Train your Dragon   Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:41 pm

New Tail - How to Train your Dragon

0:00 - 0:23: Westorlas and Riel are talking while walking around a bend in what seems to be a narrow passage surrounded by stone walls.

Westorlas: You know you should learn to not fear flying. Especially at fast speeds.

Riel: I'd... rather not.

They come around a final bend and Riel stops dead in his tracks. He is looking past the camera with wide eyes.

Westorlas: Well you're going to learn anyways, if we're going get down this in one peice.

0:24 - 0:44: The camera begins to quickly zoom out at a downwards angle, showing that Westorlas and Riel are standing on the cliff that leads to a massive slope that's attached to an exceedingly large mountain. The camera roll-out shows the many difficult and dangerous obstacles that any flying creature would have trouble with including a very dense forest with some very sharp and pointed rocks stretching into the sky.

0:45 - 0:47: The camera jumps to a diagonal shot over the entire mountain that slowly moves for a better perspective. The main slope can be seen and to it's left it is joined by a field of rocks in many different shapes and sizes that stretch high into the sky.

0:48 - 0:53: Camera jumps to a close up of Riel, who looks terrified. Westorlas can be seen behind his shoulder, smiling down the slope.

Westorlas: Come on.

Westorlas grabs his shoulder to bring him out of the trance he seems to be in and they walk back into the mountain pass.

0:54 - 1:03: Westorlas and Riel enter a peaceful looking grove with a small pond. There is one gap in the grove outline, which is another cliff's edge. They seem to be higher now then they were before. Riel is trying to convince Westorlas to just walk down the slope.

1:04 - 1:10: Riel is so busy trying to convince Westorlas that he just now noticed that Vael is lying down in the grove as they head towards him. He appears to have been waiting.

Riel: V-Vael?

Westorlas gives him an amused glance while still walking. He seems to be talking to Vael.

Riel: Oh no...

1:11 - 1:47: Riel starts to trip on his own sentences as Vael gets up and starts moving towards the cliff edge. Westorlas seems to be ignoring him. He follows them, knowing that he isn't getting down the mountain without Westorlas' help, but tries to get Westorlas to simply walk.

1:48 - 1:55: Riel finally gives up his argument and nervously asks;

Riel: You won't drop me, will you?

Westorlas: No. We won't. Now come on.

Westorlas offers a hand while saying this and helps Riel aboard Vael's back.

1:56 - 2:10: As Vael begins to slowly extend his massive wings, Riel gets on and tightly holds onto Westorlas just to be sure he won't fall.

Riel: Alright... N-Now get us down...... Gently.

Westorlas places a hand on Vael's neck while giving a sly, devious look straight ahead.

Westorlas: < Yes Vael..... 'Gently'... >

Vael: -Snorts in amusement-

2:11 - 2:20: Vael basically bounds off the cliff and simply dives down the slope, at a dangerously low altitude. Riel begins to scream in absolute terror. Vael is dodging the obstacles at high speeds.

2:21 - 2:30: Vael just made a slight turn in direction. Riel notices where Vael is headed and yells at Westorlas.


Westorlas: Yep.

2:31 - Vael enters the rock field and barely misses one of them.

2:33 - Barely misses another one with a barrel roll.

2:36 - Misses one by inches and begins to gain altitude.


Vael: Fine with me.

2:37 - 2:38: Vael begins to do a loop de loop as Westorlas numbs Riel's fingers with a cold spell.

2:39 - 2:42: Riel falls off Vael screaming as he plunges towards the ground. Vael Sharpens his loop.

2:43 - Camera is over Riel as he falls. Vael catches him, and Westorlas ensure he stays aboard and returned to his original spot.


Riel is holding onto Westorlas tightly and shivering. Vael has finally gone to a steady flying pace. Riel is in temporary shock and refuses to speak.

Westorlas: Believe me. You'll thank us for that in the future at some point.


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New Tail - How to Train your Dragon
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