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 Galactica - GRV Music

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PostSubject: Galactica - GRV Music   Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:30 am

Galactica - GRV Music

0:00 - 0:14: The scene fades in from black, a camera sitting at an odd angle in a hallway made of metal, midway up the right wall. The camera is stationary, about 10 yards in front of it, the hallway seems to have been ripped up including the walls and ceiling. Just outside it, you see the edge of a planet half in the darkness of night on the left side. To the right you see blackness with small dots of ligh (Stars). There is a non-moving hand in a black glove floating on the very left of the screen. The hallway is nearly pitch black except for the light reflecting off of the planet.

0:14 - 0:26: The scene changes. Now it showing half the planet we saw earlier and a ship flys into view from the bottom of the screen. It flys until we see the back and the engines, the camera slowly starts panning to the right, away from the planet.

0:26 - 0:34: A large destroyed ship comes into view. It is black against open space. A small flash of light can be seen from the left of the active moving ship from the scene above. A small dot of blueish light, coming from the first ship's flash, looks like a small shuttle, heads toward the ruins of the second ship.

0:34 - 0:46: Goes back to original camera shot. A group of three people in suits float into view of the hallway, they grab the side of the hallway to slow their momentum, and climb in looking around.

0:46 - 0:57: The men reach up to their helmets, turning on small spotlights on either side of their helmets. The camera slowly starts panning left as they do this, pans past the hand, and reveals the hallway streches back a bit. There are several pale, purpulish grey bodies down the hallway. They are some of the ship crew who survived the initial vaccume, but were then subject to the effects of space.

0:57 - 2:47: They are walking down torn hallways and corridors. They see more bodies like earlier, but not as many as they would think they would find.

2:47 - 3:06: They reach the door to the bridge, they manually open it, it depressurizes, and they walk inside.

3:06 - 3:33: Inside they find whats left of the commanding crew. Everyone is dead. They walk over to the captains chair, and pick up a small data pad that floats several inches above the chair.

3:33 - 5:05: There the personal log of the captain appears. At first as they watch, they can see sparks, and the captain yelling orders. He then turns to the data pad and describes the situation. He then describes how he will save as much as the crew as he can, and that he and a volunteer skelton crew will try to buy the escape pods as much time as they can. A bit later, he says that most made it to the planet surface, and that he is putting the crew records onto the data pad so they are not forgotten, you can hear screams in the background and it suddenly cuts off.

5:05 - 5:11: Radio cuts in through suit. Voice: "Another ship just jumped in, We'll send your suit the schematics". The man puts data pad information into his suit.

5:11 - 5:15: Voice suddenly cuts it again, "Oh Shit, They're firin' at the debris! Get out of there NOW!". The men turn to eachother, and rush for the door they came in through. The entire ship shakes.

5:15 - 5:36: They sprint out into hallway. Peices of the hallway are breaking apart and getting in their way, yet they push through. You can hear the man breathing much heavier than before. Suddenly the ship shakes violently and the entire section of hallway in front of them is blasted away. A women suddenly yells over com., "Look out!" A gloved hand grabs the mans shoulder, pulling him back. A large orangish ship lazer blasts right in front of them.

5:36 - 6:42: They turn around and start sprinting down a diffrent hallway, they don't know if it leads back to the shuttle, but they still push on. Debris starts filling most hallways, and other hallways are being ripped off the ship, the ship is shaking constantly now.

6:42 - 6:47: The man falls behind, suddenly a huge crack appears, the section of the ship ripped in two. The man is stuck on the far end as the two other people are on the other side. He jumps, floating toward otherside, and bearly makes it as the half behind him is completly ripped apart by the lazer. The two other people catch him and they continue running.

6:47 - 7:10: They continue running, suddenly they see the shuttle ahead, its several meters away from the end of the hallway, they all sprint toward it.

7:10 - 7:32: The hallway behind them is collapsing. They reach the end of the hallway and they all jump together for the shuttle. As they are jumping, the camera changes so its getting a side shot out in space of them jumping. The image slowly slows down as you see they made it out of the hallway and now are free floating toward the shuttle. It fades to black just before the entire image freezes completly.


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Galactica - GRV Music
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