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 Killer Tracks: Facing the Unknown

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PostSubject: Killer Tracks: Facing the Unknown   Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:39 am

~This commentary is based upon the non-canon SWRP for the Tasmarian race created by Derodric. This takes place roughly 500 years prior to the Invasion of the Sith Empire in BTC 28; however this species is isolated from the rest of the galaxy, thus a time reference is not very useful in this situation.~

See http://psycho-group.canadian-forum.com/t609-the-fall-of-old-asherah for more information.

[0:00-0:16] -- The camera shows the back of about 10-15 people's heads from above. They all stand in a dark hallway and a bit of whispering can be heard.

[0:16-0:33] -- The door opens and bright light floods in. The group of people walk out. The majority of the people are dressed in ornate ceremonial military garb, but there are a few soldiers with them. They group walks out onto a stage before hundreds of soldiers lined in neat rows, two obvious factions visible. Two giant ships hover several hundred meters off the ground about half a mile behind the groups. They cast large shadows in the late hours of the afternoon. The two leaders of the party that emerged from the hallway walk to separate podiums.

[0:33 - 0:49] -- The leader on the right speaks. "Today we celebrate a victory, but also commemorate a loss. The Coalition forces have been victorious in it's conflict with the Danath Empire. Both sides have suffered heavy losses and so too has Asherah. But together, the ACN and the Tasril Empire can forge a new future for the Tasmarian people as a whole."

[0:49 - 0:53] -- A shot rings out from a distance and time slows down a bit. The leader who was speaking is struck in the chest by a sniper shot and he falls back in slow motion. His guards turning and running toward him.

[0:53 - 1:06] -- The guards around the other leader turn slowly toward the other side and begin firing at them, time is still slowed down and although the camera does not show the carnage they are causing, it focuses on the shells hitting the ground from their discharged weapons.

[1:06 - 1:07] -- There is a large explosion in the sky. One of the ships opened fired on the other one and pierced it's hull with a giant slug that blows out the other side of the ship. The ship that was hit tilts at a dangerous angle. The distant and quiet sound of radio chatter begins, you can hear people yelling indecipherable things. This lasts the rest of the scene.

[1:07 - 1:14] -- The camera begins rising; however keeps it's angle of overlooking the entire group. One side of the crowd begins firing on the other who are taken completely by surprise.

[1:14 - 1:15] -- The ship is struck again by a similar round leaving it disabled. Debris rains from it's wound.

[1:15 - 1:22] -- The camera continues to rise.

[1:22 - 1:23] -- The camera is obscured as it passes through a cloud. It gives the impression that some time has passed and time runs at normal speed now.

[1:23 - 2:01] -- The camera still rises. Two jet's fly over the camera moving from behind the camera to the front. One fires at the other and they both bank out of screen. A large ship similar to the one seen earlier floats in the clouds and fires a series of rockets toward a city below. The city is smoking and fires can be seen. The rockets strike causing the camera to go blind momentarily by bright light. By the time the camera restores it's image, large mushroom clouds can be seen rising from the surface.

[2:01 -] -- The radio chatter goes dead silent then you hear the words. "We've been betrayed." The camera then fades to black.


Always Speak Politely to an Enraged Dragon.

"This of course is the way to talk to dragons, if you don't want to reveal your proper name (which is wise), and don't want to infuriate them by flat refusal (which is very wise). No Dragon can resist the fascination of riddling talk and of wasting time trying to understand it." -J.R.R. Tolkien
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Killer Tracks: Facing the Unknown
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