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 Descent Into Madness

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PostSubject: Descent Into Madness   Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:33 am

General Atmosphere Music:

A man paces back and forth across a room muttering to himself. The room is rectangular, but nearly a square; on one end there is a single oaken door, at close inspection, one would note that it is locked from the outside, on the other end of the room lies a single window set in an intricate iron frame. Warm light shines through, illuminating the white walls and tiled floor. The room has a wardrobe, bed, and cleared off desk. All of these accessories are made from a fine dark wood that gives them contrast against their white back-drop. Then man wears a simple white, cotton tunic and khaki-colored pants that are rolled up to his knees. He is barefoot.

"This isn't a home..  this is a prison.." There are numerous pauses throughout his soliloquy, "for reading a few tomes that I wasn't suppost to..   and I get a hearing." He continues to pace across the room then stops and stares out the window. He sees some stone-cast buildings below and a green plain far beyond. "They can't do that to me..   It was an accident and I can control it.. "

A disembodied whisper is then heard, "Are you sure?..."

The man then yells out,  "I control it! Me! Not you." He grabs his head and falls to his knees. "Stop, stop..  no..  "

The whisper shifts to normal volume, "You brought me here. You. You made the mistake and you cannot undo it, for this you are mine."

The man responds, "I am not you, and I.. will..   rrg.." He drags himself across the floor and to the door where he makes an attempt to slam his fist into it. He strikes it once then collapses against it.

The voice responds, "You fool, you are here for a reason and you can't even control your powers."

The man lets out a faint whisper, "Get.. out.. of my.. head."

The voice responds in a shout, "You are mine!"

The man then stands, his face dark and skin turning pale. He lets out a cry and the room shakes a bit, the furniture is pushed a few feet toward the opposite wall. He then lets out another burst pushing the furniture even further. There is a sudden sound of the door being unlocked. The man turns toward the door and the instant it opens he pushes his hands outward and the entire wall explodes outward into the hallway. The ground around him cracks and the walls on either side begin to show signs of wear. He calmly walks out, still barefoot among the rubble, into a narrow hallway. He looks left then right and sees two armed guards rushing at him. He points at one and a lightning bolt flies from his hand. The guard in front is struck; he lets out a cry and then implodes into the space where the bolt connected, leaving nothing of the unsuspecting guard. The man then lifts his other hand and the second guard floats into the air. The man clenches his fist and the guard turns into dust. Streaks of light surround the man striking the walls around him leaving deep cuts and cracks. He walks down the hall and at the end he flicks his hand to the side and the wall and much of the hall is ripped from it's foundation and flies to his side leaving the open air. He walks out into a courtyard and notices about half a dozen soldiers clad in bright armor charging at him from the left. A mage in a blue robe stands behind the soldiers and begins flinging balls of ice with one hand and fire with the other. The man waves his left hand and the air around the guards crackles and begins firing arcs of white light at them. Each guard struck responds differently. Some disappear, others simply fall over, others turn to dust. The man, then with his right hand, pulls a large chunk of the courtyard out and uses it as a shield in front of him which blocks the magic attacks. He then flings the large chunk of earth toward the mage, who soon disappears beneath the rubble. The man turns around and walks to the end of the courtyard. Below him is a steep slope of other buildings and walk-ways (Like if you were to stand on the top-most tier of Minas Tirith and look down). There is suddenly a roar and a golden Dragon swoops from around a nearby building. The man outstretches his hand and the Dragon stops mid-flight, the man then brings his hand in and the Dragon smashes into the stone wall below. He then lets go and the Dragon tumbles down the slope. The man scoffs and turns. He reaches out and tears at the air itself opening up a door. A rift, bordered in white light, is torn into the very air. It seems to lead to a forest floor of an unknown land as if it were actually before him.

The voice is heard again, "You see what power we have unlocked and can wield together? Alone you were nothing, but together we are..  The Immortal." He then steps through the rift and to the forest floor below. The rift shuts behind him leaving only destruction in his wake.


Always Speak Politely to an Enraged Dragon.

"This of course is the way to talk to dragons, if you don't want to reveal your proper name (which is wise), and don't want to infuriate them by flat refusal (which is very wise). No Dragon can resist the fascination of riddling talk and of wasting time trying to understand it." -J.R.R. Tolkien
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PostSubject: Re: Descent Into Madness   Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:26 am

Now for a replay in slow motion!


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Descent Into Madness
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