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 Psythalia - Blood Horizon

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PostSubject: Psythalia - Blood Horizon   Sat Jun 14, 2014 2:12 am

Psythalia - Blood Horizon
WoW - Arthas, My Son


The moon shines brightly over Galen Village, a small village at the North-Eastern border of the Psythalian Republic. A young child wanders out of the village confines and towards the cliff side that looms over the rooftops. His parents are unaware of his absence, believing that he is in bed where they left him. He then trips over something without realizing...


0:00 - 0:22: He looks down and sees the dead corpse of a man he knows in the village. Paralyzed with fear, his voice catches in his throat and make him unable to scream. All he can do is look at the body in great detail. Then he hears something approach him from behind...

0:22 - 0:27: He manages to build up the courage to look behind him. A defiled claw reflects against his widened eye and strikes.

0:27 - 0:35: (Black Screen)

0:35 - 0:47: (Slow fade in) The boy is now a pale corpse in the light snow. A boot lands beside his body. Rezdon Davos kneels down and with a heavy frown respectfully closes his eyelids. Rezdon Wolf soon appears and places a supporting hand on his shoulder...

0:47 - 0:55: The village ruins are blackened by fire and days-old chaos. Bodies line the streets. The soldiers accompanying the Rezdons enter the village slowly with heavy frowns of discord and rage. The Rezdons join them to find out what attacked these poor souls...

0:55 - 1:03: A soldier drops his weapon uncaring on the ground and, in tears, kneels down beside a woman. Gently holding her head, he beckons to the heavens in utter grief.

1:03 - 1:10: Rowlin looks at the soldier, finding it hard to maintain his stature, as he knows what it feels to lose family. He looks around at the village, shaking his head in disgust at the carnage that ensued.

1:10 - 1:24: Davos walks up to him, sensing his self anger, and says "This isn't your fault."
"Had I done my job." Rowlin replies, giving Davos an unsatisfied look of dismissal and walks down the street. He looks up after a while and notices something...

1:24 - 1:34: A pair of legs sticking out from under a wrecked cart have caught his eye. He walks over to them curiously and examines them. He finds them blackened but not charcoaled by fire. And the cart shows no signs of burning. He takes out his bow and uses it to leverage the heavy parts of the cart off the body...

1:34 - 1:43: He looks down and is shocked by the sight of a demonic human with a partly bashed shield resting on it. He immediately nocks an arrow into his bow, just in case it still lives.
"Blood magic.." He whispers under his breath in a disgusted tone.

1:43 - 1:46: He steps onto the rim of the shield, intending to shove it off the shield. He stops when he now sees a figure stalking him from a ruined roof behind him.

1:46 - 1:51: He rapidly turns around, eyes exploding into light, and fires an enchanted arrow at the figure, causing the arrow to explode on impact and send the figure flying off the roof. He starts running back to the soldiers, another arrow nocked.
"AMBUSH!" he calls out to them, the sound of swords leaving their sheaths dwindle in the air.

1:51 - 2:00: A blood mage appears out of a house, but is shot down before he can do anything. A lightning bolt flies off to his left, sending another demon screaming off a roof.
"Blood mages!" Rowlin yells towards Davos.
"How many?" Davos replies.
"I don't know! They were waiting for us!" he calls as fires at another blood mage.
Blood mages and their demons start to appear everywhere and engage the soldiers in battle.

2:00 - 2:13: A large demon bashes it's way through a house and smashes one of the soldiers. It charges at the line of soldiers and brings down its large claw, but an arrow bound by a glowing white rope pierces it and pulls it away from the soldiers before the rope dissipates. A ring of lightning surrounds the demon and blasts arced lighting at it from all sides, causing it to scream in pain. Another arrow files into its open mouth and explodes the head into pieces.

2:13 - 2:21: Rowlin looks around at their attackers and realizes there are only a small number of them.
"Something's wrong.." he says.
"I agree." replies Davos as lighting arcs out of the ground in front of the soldiers and blasts forth, slamming a wall of lightning into the remaining attackers. "There are too few of them to be so confident. They aren't usually suici-"

2:21 - 2:31: They both look over to the source of the voice and see a soldier , pointing up at the cliff side. They both look and see an army's worth of figures start to appear at the top of the cliff. The cries of men and demons deafen all other sound.

2:31 - 2:35: "Everyone! Back to the horses! We are leaving! NOW!" Davos barks at the soldiers.

2:35 - 2:38: Davos looks at Rowlin with a stern expression and demands "How did a force that size get past your men?"
Rowlin infuriatingly walks by without even looking at Davos, replying only with "I don't know."

2:38 - 2:43: The soldiers all mount their horses and begin their rapid withdrawal. Davos mounts his steed and takes one last look at the army with furious glowing eyes.
Turning his horse, he yells "YAH!" and spurs it into a gallop, with Rowlin close behind.

2:43 - 2:49: (Camera slowly follows and escalates) The soldiers and Rezdons retreat from the village and speed deeper into the Republic with all haste.

2:49 - 2:57: "With tails between their legs." scoffs an armored blood mage. Cheers from the army sounding in the background to mock the them as they flee. (Seen from the other side of another mage) He turns to the mage next to him and proudly asks "Your orders?"

2:57 - 3:00: A smile slowly forms on the face under the hood.

3:00 - 3:02: Isain: Begin.

3:02 - 3:13: (Instant black screen. Title appears -- Tales of Psythalia: Blood Horizon)


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Psythalia - Blood Horizon
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