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 Rules of this Section

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PostSubject: Rules of this Section   Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:17 am

Greetings and Welcome to the Multi-Interface Roleplaying section of the Forum!

Multi-Interface Roleplaying (MIRP) is the most diverse of the roleplaying sections in regards to how it is done. Unlike it's brothers where it is continued on people's own time, this section is meant for RP's that are constantly being updated by at least the Director on a regular basis regardless if there is a response from anyone else. It is meant to keep the RP flowing instead of it slowly dying off. Also, these RP's are able to be done live in the chatbox. It will be the Director's responsibility to keep the Forum version updated at all times.

An example of a MIRP is "The Elatria" RP. It has been requested to be done live or at least sped up. Thus now it shall become a MIRP instead of an SRP and updated twice a day on a daily basis.

To directors--A good idea is to label your RP's as to what kind it will be as it can be serious or random. Just use this basic format for the title;

SRP - [RP Name]
RRP - [RP Name]

That or mention it somewhere in the actual post. Thanks.

Yes there are rules to this as well;

  • Respect the ideas of each director or do not post here.
  • Any posts that describe graphic pornagraphy(Unless accepted by the director) or are utilized to attack a director/RPer will not be tolerated.
  • Directors are to be heeded when roleplaying in their worlds.
  • No spamming or flaming about the director's idea or their problem with yours. Take those problems up in PMs or elsewhere
  • It is reccomended that other RPers are given the chance to RP between update times.

That's everything! Thanks for participating and have fun!

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Rules of this Section
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