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 Map Around the Forum

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Forum Staff

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PostSubject: Map Around the Forum   Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:56 pm

Greetings! In this section, I will be showing you around the forum and giving a brief description of the areas. From here questions and concerns may be answered.

PsYcHo Administrators:

  • PsYcHo_Thrasher* (Founder of PsYcHo) [No longer Administrator].
  • PsYcHo_DaveFY (Creator of the Forum).
  • PsYcHo_Derodric (Longest PsYcHo Member Under Thrasher & Group Contributor).

Forum Chatbox http://psycho-group.canadian-forum.com/ (Located under the banner, the big black box).

  • Chatbox: The Chatbox is a live chat room here on the forum. To use it, click the 'Log in' button located at the top right of the chatbox. The button is along side the 'Archives' button which allows you to look at all previous chat logs that have not been cleared.
  • Chatbox Moderators: PsYcHo_Wolf

General Area/RP Area http://psycho-group.canadian-forum.com/c1-general-area / http://psycho-group.canadian-forum.com/c8-rp-area (Main bulk of the forum).

  • Welcome Area: An area for member biographies and sayings. This should be the first place new members look.
  • News: This is an area for important topics and posts. If you have something important to say, post it here. Make sure to keep updated in this section.
  • Off-Topic Chat: An area for anything and everything that does not fit in the other sections. Here you can find the hobbies of several of our members.
  • Commentary for Songs: This is an area where people can post songs they like and make a senario that fits it. (To use, use [youtube] Youtube Link [/youtube]).
  • Random and Serious RP's: These are sections for both Random and Serious post-a-topic based RPs. Anyone can join in or make an RP, we'll make sure to follow up.

Forum Archives http://psycho-group.canadian-forum.com/c5-forum-archives

  • Archives: This is an area where the unused, abandoned, or out-of-date topics are placed. This is not for posting, only viewing.


Always Speak Politely to an Enraged Dragon.

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Map Around the Forum
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